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How To Master Spanish Grammar Without Spending 1,000$ on Books
The problem with a lot of textbooks is that they focus only on grammar and left beside the daily uses, the vocab, and pronunciation and because we are focused on your learning through culture, all the resources have an approach through Latin American culture. So in fact, you'll be learning Latin American slang and vocab too.
· The 9 Verbal Tenses Textbook
· The 9 Verbal Tenses Workbook
· Spanish Pronunciation Course
· Spanish Flashcards
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"Andrés Bello" 
The 9 Verbal Tenses Textbook
The 9 Verbal Tenses Textbook includes the 9 verbal tenses of Spanish, how to conjugate them, their uses, negatives sentences, how to make questions with them, differences, examples, exceptions and exercises. In addition, we add a list of regular, irregular, reflexive and impersonal verbs.
"Andrés Bello"
The 9 Verbal Tenses Workbook
You need to practice everything you learn, if not, it'll be a waste of your time.
On this workbook you'll find exercises for each verbal tense you just learned. At the end of each one, you'll find a crossword or letter soup to practice conjugations.
Spanish Pronunciation Course
R, RR, and Ñ sound are the most difficult ones but we covered all with exercises and videos on how you can practice to master them.
In addition, we added 20 worksheets that contain words, sentences, and short text to practice pronunciation.
And the funniest part of this course is TONGUE TWISTERS!
Spanish Flashcards
Over 500 flashcards with name, picture, and meaning, organized by topics like food, city, airport, home, family and relatives, Christmas, sports, supermarket, body parts, animals (we added a special one of Latin American animals) and so much more.
"Galeano" The Ultimate Guide to Understand SER and ESTAR
"Ser" and "Estar" are two of the most used verbs in Spanish, besides they are the first verbs we learn since we use them to describe objects, animals, people, personalities or places. Here you will find the importance of using them correctly, the most common uses, the conjugations and tips to stop confusing them.
31 Ways To Immerse Into Spanish
This guide pretends to give you all the resources and tools you’ll needinorder to immerse into our culture. Why did we do an eBook/guide like this? Because as language learners ourselves, we know how important it is to know, understand, share and respect the culture of the language we’re learning in order to achieve the level you want.  
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